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Why Curious Me?

Playing since 2018!


We love what we do and we know it reflects, because Curious Me is anything but ordinary.

Instead, we are a community of likeminded families providing all children with a space to be their most authentic selves! We incorporate the best elements of child-led sensory play, messy play, risky play, loose parts play, nature play and more! Giving your little explorer a play based learning experience like no other.

We are proudly a family owned and home-based business, located on a fully fenced private property in semi-rural Logan Village, approximately 45 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.


Experience play the Curious Me way!
Delivered directly to your door. 

Curious Me sensory play icon

A truly inclusive place to play

We believe all children deserve the freedom to play and explore as they please, we speak from personal experience when we say we know that looks different for every family!

We are Passionate

Play is the best way to learn!


We want to help you and your children harness the benefits of early education and play based learning.

We are Positive

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse, safe and positive environment. Open your mind and heart, take time to get involved and you will have just as much fun as your kids!

We are Parents

We are busy mums and dads, just like you! Parenting is forever shifting shapes, it comes with many momentous occasions, milestones and is not without challenges.


We get it.


Let your little ones explore their natural curiosity with Curious Me...

Curious Me sensory play icon

The Curiosity Collective

We are more than mess, providing an amazing space for children to be their most authentic selves. A place to explore, experiment, engage, take risks and most importantly, PLAY, as they please. 


Did you know there is something called a “play deficient”? Research tells us children need more time in unstructured play. Play is where they learn. Play is how they learn. Play, genuine child-directed play, is the most important thing and greatest gift you can give your child. Please, just let them play.


As respected Playworker's, we are here to help you and guide you in that journey. Reframe your thinking on what it means to play with Curious Me.


We pride ourselves on creating a safe haven for children and parents alike, where you can feel free from the judgement and pressures of parenting.

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Curious Me would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, the Yugambeh peoples, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We stand with you as an ally. We promise to respect you, your land and your culture.
We will foster this in our children so they too will grow to be an ally.


 - Jazzmin E

I went to a “ messy play” playgroup today at a childcare centre & the contrast is just - black & white.


The activities were heavily controlled by the educators & there was a lot of “no no, don’t waste that”, “oh careful don’t get that on the floor”, “don’t waste that”. Curious Me is so free & fun and natural. Kids have free control over their play & therefore their experience & the education that they receive out of their play session.


I did not realise the benefits that Curious Me had given my baby until I saw other children made uncomfortable from different textures & told how they should be playing. Consider me & my baby lifelong curious explorers.

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