Why Curious Me?

We love what we do and we know it reflects, because Curious Me is anything but ordinary.

Instead, we are a community of likeminded families providing your children with a sensory wonderland! We incorporate the best elements of child-led sensory play, messy play and nature play. Giving your child a play based learning experience like no other.

We are proudly a family owned and home-based business, located in semi-rural Logan Village, approximately 45 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.


Experience play our way!

Delivered directly to your door. 

Parents & children together

We know that early years education and development matter. For our little explorers, this is best provided through the freedom of unstructured play. As parents, we are our child's first and most important teacher. So let's play together!

We are Passionate

Play is the best way to learn!


We want to help you and your children harness the benefits of early education and play based learning.

We are Positive

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse, safe and positive environment. Open your mind and heart, take time to get involved and you will have just as much fun as your kids!

We are Parents

We are busy mums and dads, just like you! Parenting is forever shifting shapes, it comes with many momentous occasions, milestones and is not without challenges.


We get it.

Let your little ones explore their natural curiosity with Curious Me...

Our “Seven Senses” Program

Our program focuses on all facets of sensory learning, including the often forgotten proprioception and vestibular systems.


We have taken the "sensory class" and given it a whole new dimension.

How? We play outside!

We use the environment as our classroom, encouraging play in all types of weather. Giving your child a play based learning program like no other.



- Terese T

The team at Curious Me are passionate about providing an amazing environment for kids of all ages to play and learn. It's not just an outdoor play area, it's so much more than that with careful thought put into each session and activities.


My daughter started going when she was 7 months old and there were plenty of options for her along with the older babies. My daughter has an absolute ball each week at Curious Me.


Highly recommend their program!

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We pride ourselves on creating a safe haven for children and parents alike, where you can feel free from the judgement and pressures of parenting.

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37-51 Pineview Road, Logan Village Qld 4207

Mail: info@curiousme.com.au

Tel: 0403 564 436
Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00

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