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Join Our Curiosity Collective

We explore natural curiosity through play that is freely chosen, self motived and child-directed.

At Curious Me, we play their way. We have removed the adult-led agenda and provide an enriching and engaging environment where children can can express their authentic self.

Located in Logan Village, Qld. 


How we Play!

If you are ready to make the jump into outdoor, child-directed learning, then you have found the right crew to aid you in this exciting journey.

Kind Words


I signed my son up to Curious Me when he was 6 months.  I would describe myself as a clean freak, and although I love a clean and organised home / life, it was clear to me that Brax needed the opportunity to explore the natural and messy elements of this world.  



Our first session was a real challenge, we didn’t know anyone and the place is so different to any place/playground or home.  Stations surround you; wet, slimy, foamy, dry, crunchy with weird and wondrous aromas wafting in the air. We started with the cleanest/ dry station I could find, some wooden spoons that could be used to drum some hanging saucepans. I took a moment to survey my surroundings, there is so much to take in. 


The atmosphere at a glance- a family owned business,  supportive of mummies and daddies in their quest to do their best parenting.  A baby younger than Brax, was engaged, enthralled, excited and eager, sitting in a tub of blue goop, her face covered in blue. Her clothing and feet were blue and what got me - she had this huge blue grin.  She was covered head to toe in this goop, and despite her smurf appearance she was absolutely loving life! Meanwhile, Mum is sitting there, almost just as blue, giving her blue hand painted grin right back to her baby. It was so Beautiful!! 


After this - I let go .  I realised I was the barrier between Brax and his sense of curiosity.  I dipped his feet, I rubbed his hands over the wet, slimy, dry and I what I learnt that day - he was not bothered by the mess, the slime, the mud, the foam, the smells - in fact he was amused, astonished and able to cope - far more than I ever thought.  


Without getting too Mummy about it, your babies are so darn precious and the thought of them being soaked in mud, or munching on a mouthful of cloud dough - worst fear ever.  But until you see them, experiencing it first hand- mystified and so so Curious, I wouldn’t pass it off.  You might think, this isn’t for you- but maybe it’s the challenge you need to get out of your comfort zone.  


The girls - Kaycee and Angie are helpful and understanding, and let you explore your way.  There to give you tips if you want them, or present but distant to allow you to bond with your wee loved one, two or three. 


We are now 1 year in and still loving the adventures as if they were our first.  We look forward to Curious Me every week and if you're reading this - I hope we see you soon.  We will be mud puddle side :) 

Brax and Sarah
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