Meet Our Team

Kaycee and Angie are sisters, best friends and business partners. So please, excuse the sibling banter!

Kaycee Larney


AKA The Nurturing One

For almost 15 years Kaycee has worked as a Childcare Educator, her enthusiasm for learning, development and play has only continued to grow with her family. She fundamentally believes in play-based education, which is reflected in her programming. Kaycee delivers bespoke experiences for children of all ages, designed to encapsulate core benefits delivered from messy and nature play.

Kaycee loves being a mum, it is her greatest accomplishment in life – but it hasn’t come without heartache or of course, bloody hard work! Mum to three – Preteen, Lola. Angel Baby, Louie and Rainbow Baby, Macie. Her gentle and kind nature creates an atmosphere where families feel comfortable, safe and free from judgement.


Angie Casella


AKA The Playful One

Angie is a mum of two little men.


Atticus and Evander are the light of her life and greatest gifts. A self-confessed over-sharing advocate on all things parenthood, Angie has found an uncanny sense of humour throughout this new journey.

Previously seen as over worked, stressed and stretching herself too thin, Angie has truly embraced motherhood and has settled into her new role nicely – being employed by her tiny human, Atticus. Although she has been known to say he is the most demanding boss to date



Big sister and cousin or second mumma bear? Lola is our kind, caring and gentle soul, who is absolutely adored by our little babes. She is passionate about music and the arts, headphones in or pencil in hand. While you won't see her at classes, she happily helps test for our school holiday events and workshops. 

Atticus (AKA. Beans)


Affectionately known as "Beans", Atticus is a busy little boy, always thinking and watching, but rarely sleeping! You will find him anywhere you can find wheels, moving parts or occasionally cooking in the kitchen. This little explorer loves a complex challenge and problem solving. He is the kind of child who will pull things apart, just to see how they work!



Our Macie seems to attract mess, even when you think there is none to be found. Her determination and independence beautifully reflects the benefits of unstructured play. You will never see this little explorer clean, so if you don't mind sticky hands, she will happily share a hug!

Terese Tobin

AKA The NOT Quiet One

With a larger than life personality, Terese has been with Curious Me since it opened its gates in 2018. Proudly named a founding member, while Terese is not technically employed, she is an incredibly valued part of the team. Terese volunteers countless hours of her time and is always willing to talk business, strategy and development.  It was a long and relentless journey to becoming a mumma for Terese. After nine long years, Allana finally made her entrance into this world. 



Much like her hair, Allana is strong willed, vivacious and an absolute delight!


There is no doubt you haven’t met her, she is present each term, and is usually the messiest at every special event.


Hannah Cave


AKA The Quiet One

Meet Miss Hannah, with over 5 years experience as an early childhood educator, before and after school care and her own journey to motherhood, Hannah knows to bring out the best in everyone with her quiet demeanour and bright smile. Hannah is also a small business owner, focusing on growth for both her family and career - Busy Bees Toys. She is a very hands on Queen, flourishing when in the presence of her busy bee Orlando.   



Orlando comes in a pint sized package and just like Queen Bee mumma, Hannah. Unlike the rest of our bunch, he is quiet and reserved, but oh so full of love! Once comfortable, little Lando is in his element outside (naked), loving all things animals, wildlife and nature. If you spot a little bottom during pack-up, it's probably Lando.

Georgie Stirling


AKA The Strong One

Sisters doing it for themselves! That’s proudly our Miss Georgie. A single mum from across the ditch, there isn’t anything she can’t do. She is the muscles of our team, not just strong mentally, but physically too. Like many other mumma's, Georgie started at Curious Me to learn about open ended and unstructured play. She has now become a valued member of our team, pulling all the weight when we can’t.  



Like many other little explorers that enter our gates, Aria is not the biggest fan of mess (Surprise!). But that has never stopped her thriving in our environment. Aria is off to prep this year, so you won’t see her about class. Like most children, she is a lover of the outdoors; enjoying camping, horse riding and the park.