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Our Curiosity Collective

Curious Me will take you on a playful journey, stimulating your child's sensory system during their most critical years of growth and development.

We combine the best of multiple play worlds, disciplines and theorists. From sensory, messy, risky, loose parts, nature, etc. based play. Our Curiosity Collective empowers you to play their way.


Play with Purpose

Our classes and purpose built play zones are designed to focus on sensory input, exploration and development.


We pride ourselves in providing a program that encompasses all seven senses; sight, sound, smell, touch,

taste, movement (proprioception) and balance (vestibular).

seven senses program - sight.png
seven senses program - sound.png
seven senses program smell.png
seven senses touch.png
seven senses program taste.png
seven senses program movement.png
seven senses program balance.png

Your child’s senses provide an extensive range of learning opportunities and we are here to help!

Curious Me offer a bespoke program, the “Curiosity Collective", to aid in this journey.

During the first 5 years of life, you are your child’s most important and valuable teacher. Unstructured play and hands on experience provide children with the opportunity to extend on their language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, social interaction and so much more!

What's included in our 10 week program?

We genuinely care about our children and their families. We provide the opportunity to spend uninterrupted and quality time with your little ones. We pride ourselves on creating a safe haven for children and parents alike, where you can feel free from the judgement and pressures of parenting.

While we can’t guarantee it, based on personal experience, a really great nap time after class!

What you can expect

  • Different themes each week

  • Minimum of seven "invitations to play"

  • Dry sensory, wet sensory (messy play), risk play and nature based learning

  • All unstructured play

  • A program that is adaptable to your child's needs

At Curious Me we understand and value your child, their individual interests and unique ways of learning.

We encourage their instinctual inquisitive natures by providing a safe place. We empower them to take acceptable risks and trust their bodily awareness. We follow the child's lead. This often means getting wet, dirty, covered in paint, muddy and messy!

For the most current copy of our current timetable, please contact our team.

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