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Curious Me are beyond proud to share this beautiful piece of Indigenious Artwork by Casey Coolwell-Fisher at Chaboo Designs with you, with a large screenprint across the back of a beautiful, light weight sage tee.  Curious Me tee's sporting this incredible design are currently available for pre-order.


Nurtured Guidance
by Casey Coolwell-Fisher at Chaboo Designs

Creating through nature is our way of telling our stories.

This artwork shows the way we leave our prints on this beautiful land, with the guidance from nature and community.


Our footprints are depicted in the leaves and are sometimes surrounded in water, creating splashes.


We have our communities watching over and following our footprints, shown in the ‘u’ shapes.


We learn from our histories and the guidance of our Ancestors, shown in the handprints, with their spirit and knowledge flowing through the inner dots.


The outer circle, yarning circle, tells the many stories and tracks being made.


The outer dots represent the knowledge of the yarning circle being shared out into the wider communities.

ADULT Unisex Tee

  • Measurement XSM SML MED LRG XLG 2XL 3XL
    Body Width (cm) 43 47 42 56.5 61 64 68
    Body Length (cm) 68 71 75 78.5 82 83.5 85


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