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Want to play but can't stretch the budget?

We are on a mission to make enriching and engaging play opportunities accessible to all families, including those who cannot afford term fees.

Apply for Curious Connect Now

Are you a City of Logan resident and want to join Curious Me for 10 weeks of play

Thank you to the generosity and kindness of Logan Libraries, First 5 Forever, Curious Me are able to connect even more families with our Curiosity Collective!

Apply now to receive a fully funded position in our 10 week outdoor play program. At Curious Me, we believe all children deserve access to enriching play opportunities. But we also understand barriers exist.


Let's remove some of the financial pressure and connect you and your family with other like-mined parents, guardians and community.

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Curious Connect Application

Curious Connect provides fully funded enrolment for successful families in our Curiosity Collective.
To be eligible, you must be a current Logan City Council resident and willing to commit to the full 10 Week Program located in Logan Village. 

Successful families will be offered a place in an All Explorer (1.5 hour) session.

Thank you to First 5 Forever for connecting more families with enriching play opportunities.

What best describes your child or children's age range?
Which is your session prefence?

Thank you for applying for Curious Connect, we wish you the very best luck!

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Curious Connect Application
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