Who doesn't love a bit of fizzle and pop! We know our little explorers sure do. We have gone all out got our Curious Christmas release, adding a little something extra. Eco Glitter! With two, no three, blends to choose from, which will it be? The Grinch, Santa's Suit or Blizzard...


Blizzard Fizzle Dust with Eco Glitter is a beautiful blend of blue fizzles with delicate white glitter. Making the perfect snow storm for those dreaming of a White Christmas. Our Fizzle Dust is packaged in a bio-degradable and resealable pouch, with a generous 500g of product.


Fizzle Dust is an absolute class favourite at Curious Me, creating bubbly potion and mud kitchen magic. Simply fill one or more vessels with water and add small portions or scoops of Fizzle Dust! Creations and play are endless and totally up to your childs imagination.


Curated by our little explorers, so yours can enjoy the magic of Curious Me play right at home.

Blizzard Fizzle Dust with Eco Glitter

  • Curious Me fizzle dust is homemade with love, using 100% food grade ingredients and dyes. As such, colours may vary from time to time. Packaged in a bio-degradable ziplock bag, filled with 500g of product.

    Ingredients: corn flour, citric acid, bicarbonate soda, coconut oil and food based dye.

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