10 Ways to Play, Straight from the Garden

Wow, 2020 what a kicker! Everyone is limited for resources and so many of us are strapped for cash, we can't get out of the house and we are in desperate need of getting some work done, without the help of any external care.

You know we love nature play and this my friends, it exactly why. It's easily accessible, it can cost you absolutely nothing, the possibilities are only limited to the imagination. It is always a wonderful way to encourage you and your tiny humans to get outside, switch off and enjoy soaking up the sun.

So here are our Top 10 tips on way to play, using elements found in the garden. Your garden.

1. Pressing Flowers

Don't have a flower press? No matter! Don't you remember doing this as a kid, using books and paper towel. Well I do. All you need is to find your heaviest stack of books, lining each side with paper towels and between two covers, sandwich your flower. The more weight you can add the better! Now, forget about it.

2. Frozen Flowers

Surely you have some kind of container or ice-cube tray, somewhere in the house. Now, head into the garden and collect whatever you can find. It does not have to be flowers, although they are super pretty. Grass, leaves, deceased bugs, it really doesn't matter. Stuff your tray or containers and now fill with water. Pop in the freezer and allow to chill overnight. Ta da!!

Now, there are multiple ways you can extend on this depending on your child's age and interests. Add water, salt, hammers, etc. Trust us, the love just about anything frozen. The solid to a liquid component is absolutely fascinating. (Yay! Science).

3. Nature Wands

Got a stick? Yup, you do! Now, if you have glue - great! If you don't, it's okay, no need to rush out. What. Can. You. Find? Rubber bands? Perfect! String? That will do! Anything